Hello, I'm Pete. I'm a web developer. Nice to meet you...



I’m a junior web developer and former freelance TV producer and news journalist. With more than 15 years experience in creative industries under my belt, I’ve now set my sights on combining these skills with twenty-first century tech.

While my interest in computers dates back to receiving an Amiga 500 at some point in the early 1990s, I had never imagined my career would lead down a technological path until recently. After seeing close family and friends entering the world of development I decided to look into it myself. An online course or two later, I was hooked on coding and my journey towards becoming a developer was set.

The excitement of learning something new every day and the immense satisfaction of overcoming problems have sparked an enthusiasm I’ve not felt professionally for years.

With the confidence and training that an intensive bootcamp at General Assembly have instilled in me, I’m eager to make the move into a team that will help me develop personally and draw on the professional experience I have. Feel free to drop me a line and check out some of my work below.








Bulma - CSS Framework



mongoose / mongoDB




Git / GitHub

Dabbled with:


Mocha and Chai

Materialize - CSS Framework



Stand Up Soirée

A MERN stack app. General Assembly Project Four.

Technologies used: React, HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript (ECMAScript 6), NodeJS, express, mongoose, bcrypt, Git, GitHub, Heroku, Trello, Balsamiq, Webpack, Yarn, Chai, Mocha, nyc, supertest

A simple, working app, using React, that consolidated all we have learnt during our course. The app allows users plan and save nights out based around stand up comedy gigs. It uses the Skiddle API to get gig info and Google Maps/Places to find pub info and plot on a map. The app also included front and back end tests.

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Commuter Crawl

A MEAN stack app. General Assembly Project Three.

Technologies used: AngularJS, HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript (ECMAScript 6), Node JS, express, mongoose, bcrypt, Git, GitHub, Heroku, Trello, Balsamiq, Webpack, Yarn

A MEAN stack app using data from external APIs. The app allows users to plan a pub crawl based around tube lines. The added challenge of this project was working in a team of three, all of us new to AngularJS. We used the TFL and Google Maps/Places APIs.

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Family Friendly Eating

Simple full stack app with RESTful routes. General Assembly Project Two.

Technologies used: Express, Node.js, Mongoose, Mongodb, EJS, JavaScript, SCSS, HTML5, Materialize CSS Framework, bcrypt

A restaurant review app. My first experiment with building up a front and back end.

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Shooty Spaceballs

JavaScript game. General Assembly Project One.

Technologies used: Javascript (ECMAScript 6) + jQuery, HTML5 HTML5 Audio, SCSS, Bulma, Google Fonts, Git, Github

A two player click game created as my first project at General Assembly after 3 weeks of learning.

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Britain By The Book

An app built with Vue.js and Node.js

Technologies used: Vue.js, HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript (ECMAScript 6), Bulma, NodeJS, express, mongoose, Git, GitHub, Heroku, Webpack

Produced in a two-day hackathon by Pete Bennett and Stephanie Ye. Prior to this project, we had never used Vue.js. Britain By The Book is an app that allows book lovers to record where in the UK their favourite books are set. We did not have time to fully comes to grips with Vue.js, and there are many features of the framework we have yet to explore and understand, but the end result was a fun app.

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I have fifteen years solid professional experiences behind me. After working as a journalist for three years in Hertfordshire between 2004 and 2007, where I qualified as a senior and reported on everything from criminal trials to local sports events, I embarked upon more than a decade as a freelance TV producer.

During this time I worked across a broad range of projects and in various genres including some of the highest profile shows on TV, such as Have I Got News For You, The One Show and Weakest Link. My particular forte was comedy entertainment.

These experiences have given me a fierce work ethic, a reputation for creative thinking and problem solving and endless celebrity anecdotes! Check out my linkedin below for a full breakdown of my professional and educational experience